Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start/play a new game?
A: Visit the games page. After the game loads you will see a button in the top left corner 'Start New Game'. Press 'Start New Game' and follow the steps. In all games you will need to enter an email address for each player. Once you have finished entering email addresses and selecting game options, the player that was chosen to make the first turn in the game will receive an email. If it is your turn to play in the game, then you will receive a 'Turn Email' that will allow you to visit the MyEmailGames webpage and play your turn.

Q: How do I start the In Browser version? (How do I install Silverlight)
A: Silverlight can be installed by visiting Microsoft Silverlight.
In most cases silverlight will be installed when you try to use the In-browser version In Browser Version of the game.

Q: How do I play the Classic version?
A: In your 'Turn Email' click on the link 'Click HERE to Play The Classic Version'. This will takes you to the MyEmailGames website where you will see a link 'PLAY' to open your game. Click on the 'PLAY' link and the Classic version will install and open with your game.

Q: What is the Auto Update feature?
A: The Auto Update feature will cause your game to refresh after your opponent has made their move. This feature is turned on/off by a checkbox on the bottom right side of the game.

Q: What is the games dashboard?
A: The games dashboard shows you all of your recent games, and allows you to continue playing all of your games without going back to check emails. Simply click on the name of your current game on your dashboard and make your move! You can also return to the dashboard by clicking the 'Goto Dashboard' link on the in-browser version of the game.

Q: What is the In-Browser version?
A: The In-Browser version of the game is a Silverlight application that will run on Windows and Mac OSX alike.

Q: What is the Desktop version?
A: The Desktop version of the game is a Windows application. You are given the option in emails to play the new In-Browser version or the Classic Windows application version of the game. If the program hasn't been installed then you will be prompted to install it.

Q: I've heard you will no longer support the Desktop Version, what does this mean?
A: You will still be able to use the Desktop Version of the game! But any new features, will not be fully supported by the Desktop Version.

Q: What is the Leaderboard?
A: The Leaderboard shows the top scores for the current month. The scores are reset each month.

Q: What does the 'Receive reminder emails' checkbox do?
A: The 'Receive reminder emails' checkbox is found at the top of the Dashboard. When checked off you will receive a reminder email for your most recent game when it has been your turn to play for over 5 days.

Q: Was wondering when we would start getting an email that says the results for Game Over again?
A: The end of game emails and turn emails should always be working. That being said, if you or one of your friends does not receive emails for a game, then please try the following:

  • Check under the 'Players' menu in the game that your friend has the correct email address
  • Try assigning your friend a different email address and press 'Resend Turn'
  • If all else fails then please send us an email describing the problem you are having.

Q: A message says game no longer there and asks do I want to start a new game? What happened to the game I was playing?
"It appears that the game you are trying to load is no longer in our system. Would you like to start a new game."
A: Old games are deleted after 60 days. Check your dashboard, if you see the game in your dashboard, then it hasn't been deleted. It is most likey that we are experiencing a temporary outage of services. Contact support to let us know! If this is the case then your game will be available for play ASAP.

Q: I have started a new game with a friend. Why does the game select my friend to start and how does he/she know?
A: One of the players that you have entered when creating a new game has been randomly selected to start the game. He/she will be sent an email that will allow them to play their turn in the game. If they do not receive an email, check that you have entered their email address correctly, or try using a different email address. If the problems continue then please send us an email describing the problem you are having.

Q: I have encountered bugs, what should I do?
A: Please send us an email describing the problem you are having. Try to be precise and include a screenshot.